Sherman Library City Directory Search Request

Sherman Library will search for a single address over the range of years requested. Library staff will search up to five directories, and provide a digital image for each directory in which the address is located. Unless specific years are specified, library staff will select directories that cover the requested period as completely as possible.  

Response Time: We strive to complete searches within one week after receiving the completed form and payment. 

Fee: The cost to search varies based on the number of adjacent addresses requested. A basic search is $40, and includes results for 1 primary address along with 1 adjacent address that is in direct proximity to the primary address. The cost increases by $20 for each additional adjacent address requested. Choose from one of the options below.

Select Your Search from the Choices Below

Searches are structured based on 1 primary address with 1 or multiple adjacent addresses. All adjacent addresses must be within direct proximity of the primary address. Pricing for all city directory searches is based on primary search address + the number of adjacent addresses required up to 5.



For assistance with your city directory search request or requests requiring more than 5 adjacent addresses, please contact Sherman Library at 949-673-1880 or